Kate Robinson, twenty-two and cheerfully single, lands a dream assignment: production assistant for a film shoot on the exotic hideaway of St Saviour’s in the Caribbean. With her eye for detail and flair for organising everyone, Kate’s in her element. But Kate quickly discovers that filming a TV commercial in the Tropics can actually be murder.

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Published: October 2011. Format: e-book. Words: 98,000. Equivalent paperback pages: 390. Age advisory: 13+ for some violence and drug references

“I liked all the characters, but especially Kate, the strong yet vulnerable heroine with her obsessive attention to detail”

“...a fast-paced, satisfying read. I look forward to more of the same”

“Well what an amazing story!”

“Gripping stuff ... not for the faint hearted”


When Martin Lancaster was eighteen, his father was mysteriously lost at sea during a yacht race. Years later Martin discovers long-lost logbooks in his mother’s attic and vows to find out the truth. But he meets implacable resistance from family, business colleagues and officials, who seem prepared to stop at nothing to prevent him discovering what really happened all those years ago.

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“A thoroughly enjoyable read, full of twists and turns”

“Thrilling right to the last page”

“A real page turner”

“I think we have a new Clive Cussler here”

“It kept me on the edge of my seat”

“A thrilling adventure with a sailing backdrop”

“More twists and turns than you can imagine”

Published: October 2009. Format: e-book. Words: 125,000. Equivalent paperback pages: 500. Age advisory: 16+ for some violence and one non-explicit sex scene

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Toby Robinson, twenty-two and broke, lands a job as deckhand on a Russian billionaire's yacht. On his first night aboard he is framed for the murder of a guest. His attractive crewmate Julia seems to be the only one on his side - but can he trust her? With his mobile phone confiscated, armed only with a winning smile and a flair for mixing cocktails, can Toby foil the sinister international conspiracy that threatens to engulf him? It's New Year's Eve and something terrible will happen at midnight. Time is running out, and so are Toby's options ...


“A real page-turner and excellent value for money”

“Fun, tongue-in-cheek fast moving adventure with good humour”

“Couldn't put the book down”

“A rollicking good read”

“A dose of humor that made it fun to read”

“One of the best books I have read in a long time”

“Totally absorbing from beginning to end”

“A thrillingly entertaining page turner”

Published: September 2010. Format: e-book. Words: 105,000. Equivalent paperback pages: 420. Age advisory: 13+ for some violence and drug references

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Author of contemporary nautical thrillers

Timothy Frost lives in Norfolk, England and Grenada, West Indies. His first two thrillers, Final Passage and The Abigail Affair, have sold over 50,000 copies in e-book format.

His third novel, The Shoot, is now also available. Like his first two stories, this is set in the Caribbean and has a nautical theme. Follow Tim on Twitter for updates, or email him at the address below and ask to go on the mailing list.

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Timothy Frost

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